Summer or Fall RVing?

Every season has its perks, but as summer is nearing the end and fall is upon us. We want to know: Summer RVing or Fall RVing?

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Here is our quick list of pros for both summer RVing and Fall RVing!

predictable weather – nice & warm
lighter clothing makes it easier to pack light, or pack more 🙂
longer days = more time to play outside
the kids are out of school so it is the perfect time to plan a family RVing trip
pools are open
there are many music festivals and fairs to stop at along the way during your RV trip
seasonal activities are open (amusement parks, etc)
grilling out

the perfect weather for a bonfires & cookouts
pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie.. pumpkin everything!
the crowds are slowly dwindling down as kids are back in school (sorry kids!)
the leaves are changing colors and it is gorgeous outside
with Halloween right around the corner, there are many activities planned
crisp fall nights are perfect for cuddling up to your loved ones
you don’t need to run the AC nearly as much which saves you $$$
grilling out – okay we added this to both lists, we just can’t resist! We LOVE grilling out.

summer or fall RVing

We’s a tie! We just can’t pick one!!! What about you? Do you prefer RVing in the summer or RVing in the fall? What are your favorite reasons to RV during your favorite season? Let us know!

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